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Why Being a Business Broker is a Great Career Choice

by | Aug 11, 2023

There has been a lot of professional burnout in the aftermath of the pandemic. We see it regularly as business owners come to us seeking to sell their business to make a change along with many buyers who contact us interested in buying a business to launch a new career.

Are you thinking of changing careers or starting something new? If you have experience in sales, professional services or are a former business owner, you should consider becoming a business broker.

Being a business broker at BayState Business Brokers offers the following career advantages:

  • Meaningful work: Being a business broker is a rewarding job since we assist hard working business owners move to the next phase of their life.  We also assist buyers to find a new career or strategic partnership so they can achieve their business goals.  
  • Exciting and energizing: You will get to work with individual sellers and buyers, and strategic buyers, across industries as well as across the country and abroad. Each day brings new opportunities as well as challenges to work through, so people who are problem solvers flourish in this career.
  • Variety:  We work with a wide variety of businesses and industries and each deal presents unique challenges. No two businesses are the same! With a steady stream of new opportunities, you will not get bored.
  • Lucrative: BayState Business Brokers offers a competitive sales commission structure, along with a proven and superior process to effectively market businesses – which helps you list and sell more companies. Commissions are generally much higher than commissions for real estate professionals because selling a business is a longer and more complicated process.
  • Work-life balance: You can be as busy as you want to be, while having the flexibility to set your own schedule. The more you work, the more businesses you can sell and the more money you can make. Most brokers are making six figures by their second year in the business.
  • Training: BayState’s comprehensive training program is designed to set you up for success. Principal Sarah Grossman personally trains each business broker, so you will learn the business and the proven processes that have contributed to the strong reputation we have earned. We also support you with coursework through the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) and attend meetings with you until you are comfortable going on your own. We offer training reimbursement as well as reimbursement for professional groups and networking events.
  • Infrastructure: BayState Business Brokers provides administrative support and the technology infrastructure to support each of our business brokers. We partner with a full-service marketing company to generate leads that are distributed to business brokers on a regular basis.
  • Reputation and Opportunities: In business since 2007, BayState Business Brokers has a strong reputation throughout New England and nationwide. As a result, we have an ongoing source of opportunities and leads. We have longstanding relationships with referral sources including accountants, attorneys, lenders and other business professionals who refer us clients and assist with our deals.

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