The Benefits of Using Business Brokers

Benefits of Using a Business Broker

Here is what BayState Business Brokers*, as business brokers, do for business sellers and how it benefits you, the business owner, in selling your business:

  • Business brokers know buyers that are looking for a business to buy and our marketing and sales efforts are directed to business buyers. These are individuals, other businesses, or private equity groups that are looking for a business to buy.
  • Business brokers have businesses for sale. Our inventory of businesses for sale attracts more buyers for your business. Many buyers buy a different business than the one they initially contact us about. By offering a number of businesses, business brokers attract more potential buyers that will be exposed to your business.
  • Business brokers are trained and experienced at valuing businesses. We are trained to recast the earnings of your business in order to show a buyer all of its economic benefits, thereby increasing the value of your business to the buyer. Our expertise helps our sellers set the right asking price for their business and helps buyers understand how to value a business.
  • Business brokers are experienced in selling businesses. Buyers and sellers are frequently not familiar with all of the business buying/selling process and business brokers help both in order to facilitate a sale of the business.
  • Business brokers have procedures to maintain confidentiality in the sale of your business. It is very difficult to maintain confidentiality without an intermediary, like a business broker. A buyer must be qualified and sign a confidentiality agreement before learning that your business is for sale. Business brokers are experienced in marketing a business without identifying it.
  • Business brokers help buyers get financing to buy your business.
  • Business brokers provide skilled negotiating for business sellers so you end up with the best deal.

By using a business broker to sell your business, you have the time to do what you do best — continue to run your business well so it maintains its value during the sales process.

*This page is about the services that BayState Business Brokers provides. We are not claiming that all business brokers provide these services. You should check with any business broker you are considering using to confirm their education, experience, expertise and the services they provide.