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When You Need to Sell Your Business Quickly: The Critical Role of an Expert Business Broker

by | Apr 14, 2021

It can be daunting when a business owner suddenly faces a situation that requires them to sell their company quickly. The process of selling a business involves multiple essential steps, from securing a sound business valuation to having a smart strategy for marketing the business to the right audience, to effectively negotiating and closing the sale. All of that requires experience and expertise.

The owner of a multi-location behavioral health practice was in this position due to health issues. The owner needed to sell the business quickly. Although they had been approached by a nationally recognized behavioral health company, the deal halted suddenly and the prospective buyer went dark.

The owner needed an expert broker who could not only find a qualified buyer quickly, but provide guidance through every aspect of the selling process. The owner found all of that in BayState Business Brokers. BayState leveraged its proven, sophisticated process to establish a value for the company and market it to qualified, vetted buyers. A key part of that process involved re-engaging the previously interested buyer and helping them to better understand and “see” the business’ true value, as well as its future opportunities.

BayState’s strategy was successful. Its approach re-ignited interest from the initial buyer and the deal quickly closed. The seller’s transition period was minimal, allowing them to prioritize their own health and that of their family, all with the satisfaction of knowing that the practice, business reputation and valued clients were in excellent hands.

For more about BayState’s successful strategic approach for quickly selling this business, read here.



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