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Business Broker to Sell a Child Care Business in Massachusetts
Whether you’re an owner considering selling your child care center or you’re a buyer looking to buy one, we have the knowledge and proven track record to help you achieve your goal. Highly regarded by owners looking to sell, BayState Business Brokers has successfully sold dozens of day care centers, early childhood education centers and other child-centric businesses such as toy stores, children’s clothing stores, play spaces and professional services including pediatric speech and general therapy practices.

Demand is now extremely high for child care in general as more people are returning to the office, with many parents of young children looking for resources.

With deep industry expertise, our business broker, Molly Hanson, specializes in child care-related businesses. Molly’s experience in the child care industry is a great advantage as she possesses an intimate knowledge of MA licensing requirements for the sale of a child care center and a deep understanding of child care industry buyers and important factors they look at when evaluating a center for purchase. You can count on BayState Business Brokers to help facilitate a successful, yet confidential, sale of your business.

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BayState Business Broker Sarah Grossman

Sarah Grossman

Principal and Business Broker

MA Business Broker Molly Hanson

Molly Hanson

Business Broker

Why BayState Business Brokers for Selling a Child Care Business

Industry knowledge and experience:
We are the brokers to talk to when selling a child care business.

Reach your business sales goals
If you’re an owner of a child care business and it’s time to sell, our industry experience means you’ll be able to achieve your goals for the business you’ve worked so hard to build. We have thousands of industry buyers in our database and can frequently introduce you to the right buyer confidentially without even putting the business “on the market.”
Business Owners
If you’re looking to buy a child care business, we help a variety of business owners, strategic buyers, individuals and select private equity groups buy child care-related companies.
Specialized Expertise
Our specialized expertise enables us to facilitate deals by helping navigate common hurdles such as valuing the business properly and matching the right buyer and seller.
Family-run business
As a licensed real estate brokerage, we can sell child care businesses that include real estate. If you wish to sell a child care center or other child-centric business, this can be valuable when a physical location is important for operations.

Within New England, our SKILLED BUSINESS BROKERS work with business owners, including many family-owned businesses throughout Massachusetts including Upper Cape Cod, Southern New Hampshire including the areas of Manchester, Nashua and Salem, and Windham, Tolland and Hartford counties in Connecticut.

Business Business brokers buy and sell businesses in MA, NH, CT and RI
BayState Confidential Brief
Proven Process

Proven Process

What sets BayState Business Brokers apart is our sophisticated and proven process that effectively markets and sells businesses to qualified buyers – a process typically only applied to the sale of much larger companies. We employ a strategic, targeted effort to maximize the opportunity efficiently.

The Best Packaging in the Business

Our CONFIDENTIAL BUSINESS BRIEF professionally packages all the important information about our client’s business, including in-depth analyses and insights, making it easy for potential buyers to understand the business opportunity and differentiate it from others. We are consistently told the Brief we prepare is the best around, benefitting sellers and buyers.

Deep Knowledge

Because we live locally, our business brokers bring an important understanding of key success factors for child care businesses, including, but not limited to, traffic patterns and congestion, and ease of parking.

Reach your business sales goals

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Read about how we helped a day care center with two locations and real estate get sold to a strategic buyer.

What Our Clients Say

Molly Hanson at BayState Business Brokers was amazing. I recently sold my business after years and years of hard work, love and dedication. This was not an easy decision for myself, my family and my staff. Molly always went above and beyond, supporting us, not only professionally, but emotionally. Molly’s organization and expertise made this process appear seamless.
Jennifer A. Quinn
Sunshine Country Day and Sunshine South

After almost 29 years successfully managing our growth and expansion, it was time to sell our family-owned, multi-site child care business. Molly was there every step of the way, answering every call or email, no matter what time of day or night. It was not only her professionalism, mentorship, honesty, caring nature and ethics that I truly respected and appreciated, but her passion and dedication as well. She went above and beyond, incorporating her skillset to secure an accurate and seamless transaction. Her welcoming temperament, persuasive nature and level of expertise in the child care industry left a lasting impression.
Kelley A. Joyce, CEO and Current VP in Education
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