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Manufacturing business sold in Plymouth, MA

Trailer Manufacturer: Sold legacy, family owned trailer manufacturer in Plymouth, MA successfully overcoming several hurdles

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This business started 50 years ago when the founder initially built his own wooden trailer to transport horses and ponies for rides at events and parties. The business launched when an individual offered to buy his wooden trailer while they were at an event. He sold it and built himself another trailer. This eventually led to manufacturing steel trailers for years. Lighter weight, rust resistant aluminum then became the material of choice and the rest is history.

The business grew as did its reputation for quality trailers. When the founder passed away, it was time to sell the business and settle the estate. The general manager and trustee turned to BayState Business Brokers to market and sell the business.

BayState Business Brokers’ Approach

Every business has its own set of unique challenges and that was the case for this trailer manufacturer, too. The retail store and the manufacturing facility were located on 35 acres of land that included the family home and multiple barns. The building where the trailers were fabricated straddled two towns: Plymouth and Plympton.

Selling the business as part of settling the estate meant the interested parties wanted the business sold and sold quickly. The business would have to relocate off the existing property. Not necessarily an ideal situation for most buyers or their financing sources.

Due to the quality product and reputation of the business, there was no shortage of interested buyers in the business. BayState Business Broker Brian Labonte scheduled tours on the hour to show interested parties the finished trailers and manufacturing facility. But, as is always the case, the key was finding the right buyer.


Brian Labonte worked with many buyers who were seriously interested in acquiring this business, but multiple hurdles were difficult to overcome for most buyers. Labonte worked diligently with the ultimate buyer, securing an agreement that included leasing the building for one year before moving the business.

What Our Clients Say

I was on the buy side of a complex transaction. Bay State, with Brian Labonte did a fabulous job and Bay State was very professional and extremely capable. This was a difficult seller and they worked extremely hard to hold it all together for the entire duration. They know the process and are very knowledgeable. I have extensive experience on the buy and sell sides (for our own account) and can safely say I would recommend them anytime.
Moosa E. Moosa