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Deciding to Sell & Retire is Not Always Easy.  Our Story.

by | Feb 25, 2022

We have all read the statistics of the baby boomers nearing retirement, the great resignation and the effect of the pandemic on accelerating timelines to hand over the reins. As business brokers, we work with business owners every day who are thinking about selling and retiring.

Marc Gudema Certified Business Intermediary

So, when the pandemic hit, we personally experienced the impact, as the succession plan timeline we had in place was accelerated. My father retired sooner than planned, and I shifted from co-owner to the sole Principal of BayState Business Brokers. We are so pleased that our personal story was featured in The Washington Post Business section titled, “For Some Baby Boomers, Retirement is a Dirty Word.”

If you are thinking about retirement and selling your business, please contact us so we can discuss your personal situation and help you make an informed decision. We understand the dynamics of family owned businesses and fully appreciate the emotions associated with considering selling a business that you have worked hard for many years to build.



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