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Business Broker: I Didn’t Take the Summer Off

by | Aug 25, 2011

My last blog was about two months ago, so it may appear that I took the summer off.  Not true.  It’s been a busy summer – personally and business-wise.  My daughter – who is a business broker in our office – got married.  While giving away the bride did take priority for a day, both of us have also been very busy closing deals.

Broker didn't take the summer offIn the last few months, we’ve closed on a number of business sales in a wide variety of industries, including a commercial cleaner, a publisher of educational software, a distributor, liquor stores, personal training studios, a music store, and a daycare center.  Some of the businesses sold very quickly.  Two of the business sales only took two and a half months from listing to closing.  Some had multiple offers; one had five!  Many of these business sales were financed with SBA loans.

We found buyers for these businesses from many sources. One buyer was found using our database of buyers; one was an industry buyer. We had a buyer brought to us by another broker in our MLS group, and we had buyers who found the businesses we had listed for sale on our website and on the Internet ads we place.  We use as many ways to find buyers as possible and these results show that it pays off for our sellers.

With a shaky economy and slow real estate sales, you may think that business sales are not doing well.  That is not our situation.  We are having a strong year with many business sales at good prices and more sales pending.  Our biggest problem is not having enough good businesses to sell to satisfy the qualified buyers we know who are actively looking for a business to buy.  So, if you are thinking of selling your business, please contact us.



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