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Add the Smartphone to the List of Essential Small Business Tools

by | Jan 20, 2012

At various times, some tools have become essential for doing business.  A hundred years ago, it was having a phone.  In the more recent past, it has been using a computer.  The latest tool you should add to this list is the smartphone.  A smartphone includes so many tools that having them all in one place and easily accessible makes the smartphone essential.

One of the most important functions in a business is communication – with current andSmartphone is an essential small business tool potential customers, employees, and vendors.  The first reason to have a smartphone is that it allows you to communicate much more quickly.  Speed of response has a huge impact on getting new customers or additional business and resolving problems.  The smartphone allows you to communicate quickly in whatever way is necessary – by phone, email, or text message.

Another important function of the smartphone is a productivity tool.  You can keep your calendar on the phone, use it as a GPS, camera, or calculator, read documents, get up-to-the minute weather reports, listen to voicemail, browse the Internet, and more.

I prefer a smartphone with a large screen.  The advantage of the smaller smartphones (about a 3.5” screen) is that they are easier to hold and operate with one hand.  The advantage of the larger smartphones(about a 4.5” screen) is that they are easier to read since everything is larger on the screen.  In terms of square inches, the difference is about 50% larger, about 6 square inches vs. 9 square inches.  It is hard to read a document or browse the Internet on any smartphone.  The difference in readability between the smallest and largest screens is significant.  Before you buy, read an Internet page, a document, email, and watch a video on both sized screens.

Aside from your business, the smartphone is a great social tool and entertainment device.  During sporting events, I’m text messaging with family and friends about the game.  I wouldn’t be picking up the phone to call.  Of course, there are many games you can play on the phone, by yourself or with someone else, listen to music, and watch videos.  I recently read “Killing Lincoln” on my smartphone.

If you don’t already have a smartphone, get one.  It will be one of the best investments you make.



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